Young People Shape the Future

Changing the world starts with making an impact in your own community. If you are a Student Leader who is passionate about creating positive and wide-reaching change, you should consider starting an Operation Smile Australia University Club today!

Get Inspired

Young people have never been more empowered to speak up and peacefully make their mark on the world. You can be a part of Operation Smile Australia’s vision of a future where health and dignity are improved through safe surgery. It is a universal human right.

An Operation Smile Australia University Club is a place for likeminded people to come together, to connect over and celebrate a passion for humanitarian and medical work. Our Student Leaders hail from a wide spectrum of studies including medicine, humanities and social sciences, research, and more.

One Smile at a Time

Operation Smile Australia is continuously thankful for the passion that our Student Leaders exhibit in their fundraising and advocacy efforts. Our Australian University Clubs represent the vision and goals of Operation Smile Australia, and their support is deeply appreciated by both our medical volunteers and our patients.

The 3 Core Pillars of the Student Program


An OSA University Society is, first and foremost, a safe and inclusive environment.

Whilst Operation Smile Australia is not politically or religiously affiliated, we feel responsible to provide a voice for our patients worldwide who may be living in pain or fear. This transcends into the way that we perform our day-to-day work, and how we conduct ourselves as individuals. No one person will be discriminated against based on their skin colour or race, sexuality, gender, age, language, religion, or dis/ability
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Operation Smile Australia is a children’s medical non-for-profit charity that is dedicated to helping improve the lives of children born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities in developing countries.

As an Operation Smile Australia University Club, you will advocate for this important work, spreading the word and becoming an active voice for communities around the world who lack access to safe, well-timed and effective surgery.
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Fundraising & Giving Back

Fundraising in itself goes beyond collecting donations. It is a practice which fosters an understanding of community organising, the practice of peaceful advocation and technical leadership skills.

The entirety of Operation Smile Australia’s spending (including Programs and Missions) is funded by donations. A life-saving cleft surgery can be completed for a child for as little as $240! So each dollar a University Club raises is one dollar closer to changing someone’s life forever.

We also strongly encourage initiatives that give back to the University Club’s local area, and that create positive change in their own community.
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