Craniofacial Programs

As well as cleft missions, Operation Smile Australia facilitiaes craniofacial missions. These craniofacial missions treat more severe deformities and are completely coordinated out of our Australian office with only Australian and New Zealand Volunteers.




World Care Program

Operation Smile Australia is also proud to run the World Care Program. World Care patients are identified at screenings on our craniofacial and/or cleft missions. These patients are referred onto our World Care Program as their conditions are very complicated and the treatment required generally cannot be undertaken in their home country. Due to the complexity of treatments required, patients are brought to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, to receive the best surgical treatment possible.

Between 1999 and 2018, Operation Smile Australia have successfully treated 37 World Care Patients.

jehad.JPG(Pictured above) World Care Patient, Jehad and his mother from the Philippines. 


(Pictured above) World Care Patient, Jessica from Papua New Guinea. 


(Picture above) World Care Patient, Anshuman from India. 

"We strive for a world where no child suffers the risks and uncertainties of a facial deformity."

- Richard Lewandowski, Plastic Surgeon, Co-Founder Operation Smile Australia