Mototaxi Madness


Andy and Keith from Northern Ireland set out on the first ever Mototaxi Junket in November, on an adventure like no other! Their story covers 1170km of some of the toughest terrain in what can only be described as a motorbike with a sofa strapped to the back of it.

Calling themselves team 'Mayan's a Pint of Harp', they chaps set out on their Mototaxi from Huancayo in Peru in the rough direction of Paraguay. They, along with 62 other teams who were all raising money for Operation Smile, had to find their way across the Andes with 2,500ft drops at some points on dirt roads.

The trip they endured wasn’t without it’s challenges and Andy’s adventure took a turn for the worse; “I skidded and hit a cliff wall, flew over the handle bars, and smashed my collar bone . I originally thought it was just bruised, until the swelling went down and my collar was a funny shape. I refused to go to hospital as I thought they'd tell me that driving a Mototaxi wasn't the best idea with a broken collar bone but I was determined to finish the race”.

The guys continued through Peru into the stunning flattened out plains of the Altiplano at over 14,000ft before winding down past Lake Titicaca into Bolivia. Eventually and not too soon, Andy and Keith managed to reach the Paraguayan capital, La Paz.

The Mototaxi has raised over £85,500 for projects in Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay. We are enormously grateful to all the teams who took part on this memorable adventure. We are delighted to report that Andy has made a full recovery!

"We strive for a world where no child suffers the risks and uncertainties of a facial deformity."

- Richard Lewandowski, Plastic Surgeon, Co-Founder Operation Smile Australia